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Stephen Jay Gould

Evolutionary Biologist and Paleontologist

It's certainly true that knowledge, in the sense of unambiguous documented facts, do not in any simple fashion build up to theory, which is a common misconception. But then, I don't really know where theory comes from. Theory often seems to come out of the head, but it's a head that's been prepared by years of study of the facts as well. What I'm trying to say is, what we call imagination draws upon so much factual experience that it is not as pristine as it seems. The two are so interrelated that I don't quite know how to make the separation. But I think what's behind that famous remark of Einstein's is the recognition that science is not a simple accumulation of facts, and that the accumulation of facts does not lead to theory. And that the imposition of human imagination is always required, and that's certainly true and vitally important.
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John Grisham

Best-Selling Author

I was doing a lot of courtroom work, I was a very young lawyer. But I was handling a lot of court appointed criminal cases, in trial a lot. And I knew the criminal system, and I knew a lot about it. And so, I came up with a story about a murder trial, and some of it was based on personal experience, most of it was not. And I kept telling myself, I would like to be the lawyer who defended a father who murdered the two guys who raped his daughter. I think that would be a fascinating case. One thing led to another, and I was sort of consumed with this story. And one night I just said, "Okay. I'm going to try to capture it, see what I can do with words." And that's what happened.
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Dorothy Hamill

Olympic Hall of Fame

Dorothy Hamill: The first competition I ever won was the second competition I ever competed in. It was in Central Park in New York. And I remember the little girls who had perfect dresses and they had been skating for years and they all knew one another. They were all from Long Island and Manhattan and I was from Connecticut and there was nobody else that I knew. And when the scores went up on the board on the wall, they all looked at me and pointed and said, "You won!" And I was shocked because I wasn't as good as they were. So I don't know how I won. And I think -- you know, I never liked competition ever. It was always far too nerve-wracking. But I did well, so I guess that's why I kept doing it. And in order to get to do what I do today, I had to compete and I had to win a gold medal.
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Dorothy Hamill

Olympic Hall of Fame

Even when I was on the world team two years before the Olympics, with ice skating you just never know that you're going to make it. And even then I thought, 'Well gee, I hope I make the Olympic team in 1976." There was never any thought that, "Yes I'm going to make the team and yeah I could win a medal." You know, deep down inside I knew that if I worked really hard and if I skated my best, I had a really good shot at making the team and I had a really good shot at winning a medal. And this is when I was already number two in the world. So you know, I was never that confident, but I knew if I did all the right things, I had a shot at it.
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