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Hank Aaron

Home Run King

As a little boy, growing up in Mobile, Alabama, I dreamed of playing baseball. I wanted to play baseball so bad, and had nobody to help me, so I just thought that if I ever get in a position to help other children, regardless of whatever color they may be, and chase their dream, I was going to try to do everything that I possibly could. Of course, when I retired, the Commissioner -- who is now the Commissioner, Bud Selig, who owned the Milwaukee Braves at the time -- was my boss. And the year that I retired, he said, "What would you like to have? Would you like to have a trip around the world, or would you like to have a trip?" Would you like to have a lot of things, I said, "Commissioner " it wasn't the Commissioner -- I said, "Bud " -- he and I were very good friends -- I said, "Bud, what I'd like to have is some kind of foundation, that when I retire from baseball that it would last, and go on and on and on." And that's why we call it Chasing the Dream Foundation.
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Edward Albee

Three Pulitzer Prizes for Drama

I know that I liberated a large typewriter from the Western Union company and dragged it down to the apartment I was sharing with all my friends, and just started writing this play. It took me two weeks. It's called The Zoo Story. I'd been writing a lot of stuff until then. I'd made a couple of half-assed attempts at plays which I never finished, and all of a sudden I wrote The Zoo Story, and I had a very odd sensation: "This isn't bad. This may even be individual." It's the first thing I ever wrote that I could say, "You wrote this. All the influences have been put aside, and put under. You've learned enough. This is your voice." I was aware of that at the time. That was a good feeling.
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Tenley Albright

Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater

By the time I came down with polio, at first nobody knew whether I ever would walk again or not. One Monday morning, the doctors came in and said to me, "On Friday we are going to ask you to take three steps." That was the first time I ever remember visualizing. Looking back now, I didn't realize it then. I worked all week, lying on my bed, thinking what it would be like and how I would somehow manage to take three steps. Friday morning came and somehow I did manage. And that was really the start of my recovery.
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Tenley Albright

Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater

I think I was motivated to do surgery because I had some feeling inside me that maybe I could do it a little bit gentler spare a little bit more blood loss, be conscious that explaining to a patient beforehand what it would be like afterwards might help them recover a little faster. I wanted to have an influence. I wanted to have an effect. And that motivated me to go ahead and see what I could do. And try my hardest at it.
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