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Nora Ephron

Humorist, Novelist, Screenwriter and Director

Nora Ephron: The good thing about directing your own writing is you have no one to blame but yourself, and I'm a big one for that. I would much rather blame myself than have the alibi of saying, "That wasn't my idea." That's the greatest thing. Also, when you write something, you really do hear how you want it said. Sometimes it isn't said that way. It's said much better, because you have a really great actor saying it, and they come at it in a completely different way. And sometimes you have a really great actor who missed the joke, and you have a chance to say to them, "No, no, no. I think the word here you're missing is this," or you can at least be there on behalf of the script as the director. But you have a very clear idea when you write something of what you want it to look like.
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Julius Erving

The Great and Wondrous Dr. J

I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity. When you become a world champion, you're not automatically respected. You're immensely popular because of that, because of the media coverage and exposure, but respect is something that you garner by going through the long hard route of giving it, and receiving it, and making it solid, and it's a permanent situation. To have the respect of a lot of people and to be a respected person is so much more important to me at this stage in my life. If I had not won a world championship in basketball, I think that that would probably still be there. That's really what counts to me.
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Paul Farmer

Founder, Partners in Health

Paul Farmer: Initially it wasn't in Harvard at all. I'm not sure that we would have anticipated that it would fit in a research university. I wouldn't have guessed that when I was a medical student. And so I'm afraid it was quite conventional to start with. There was the notion that you needed partnership. Again, it's not rocket science. The notion that it would need to be long-term? Not particularly rocket science either. The notion that you have to link a resource-rich setting like Boston or Harvard? That was obvious too, because all of us who were doing any kind of connection were living links between a world of great poverty and a world of affluence.
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Paul Farmer

Founder, Partners in Health

What we need to do is build local capacity. Again, these are almost clichés now in development work. So that meant a Haitian organization, or in Rwanda that means a Rwandan organization, or in Malawi a Malawian organization, et cetera. And that's what we try to do, was to say, "It's not about us. It's not about our own quest for personal efficacy." And again, this may be a lesson that's worth sharing with people who would look at your web site is, "It's gonna feel like it's about you, and your own quest for personal efficacy, or discovery of yourself, but it isn't about you. It's really about the people that you're serving." Those are hard lessons to learn, because -- I don't think -- I'm not just talking about young Americans, but I'm saying, in general, young people who are achievers, who get to go to school, who could even have a computer or electricity, it really puts -- hopefully, I hope that we'll soon see laptops all over the world, and that poor people also have access to information technology. But right now we don't have that. We have this digital divide.
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