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View highlights from the 45th International Achievement Summit in Los Angeles
Academy of Achievement: 2004 International Summit Chicago, IL
View Summit Highlights:

Summit Audio Recordings

Academy Overview

Golden Plate Award

Listen to audio excerpts from Bono, Steven Spielberg, Frank McCourt and many more at past Achievement Summits.

Audio Recordings

Overview and photos from the Academy's most recent Summits.

2014: San Francisco, CA
2012: Washington, DC
2010: Washington, DC
2009: South Africa
2008: Kailua-Kona, HI
2007: Washington, DC
2006: Los Angeles, CA
2005: New York, NY
2004: Chicago, IL
2003: Washington, DC
2002: Dublin, Ireland

Each Summit culminates in a spectacular Banquet of the Golden Plate ceremony for new Honorees.

View Honorees