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Achievement TV

Achievement TV is a revolutionary education resource - a library of unique video programs that can bring the greatest achievers of our age into your classroom. Students, from at-risk to advanced placement, can discover new role models through Achievement Television.
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Each Achievement TV program is accompanied by support materials such as teachers' guides and student handouts. Video and audio of Achievement TV programs are available for purchase in the Achievement Store.

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The Arts
Public Service
Science and Exploration

Achieve*Net Curriculum

Most curriculum materials are prepared for the following grade levels: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and post 12th grade. Please check the specific titles for availability.

Public Service

Social Advocacy *new*
The Road to Civil Rights *new*
Creative Writing *new*
Justice and the Citizen
What is a Leader?
Freedom and Justice
The Democratic Process
Global Conflicts
Martin Luther King Day
Black History Month
Earth Day
Meet a Nobel Laureate

The Arts

Passion for Music
Media & the Arts
From Dance to Drama
The Power of Words
The Novel
Poets and Poetry
So, You Want to Be a Writer


Thinking Outside the Box
Talent and Vision

Science and Exploration

The Information Age
Frontiers of Medicine
The Cosmos


The Amazing Olympics