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Robert Schuller
Robert Schuller
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Robert Schuller Profile

Crystal Cathedral

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  Robert Schuller

"My denomination shunned me when they heard I was preaching in a drive-in theater."

The young minister had always been proud to belong to the oldest Protestant denomination in the country, the Dutch Reformed Church in America. Many of his colleagues and co-religionists thought the setting of a drive-in movie theater was beneath the dignity of a minister of the church, but Robert Schuller was determined to reach the people of Southern California, and the drive-in ministry grew and grew.

For 25 years, Robert Schuller broadcast his message from the spectacular Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, to an estimated audience of 30 million people, in 184 countries on all seven continents. His program, The Hour of Power, was the most widely televised one-hour church service in the world.

Dr. Schuller represented the United States as a member of the Presidential Delegation at the funerals of Mother Teresa and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. His goal-setting ideas made him a sought-after speaker for business conventions and conferences around the world, and his "theology of self-esteem" is a source of strength and hope to millions.

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