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Oliver Sacks's
recommended reading: Madame Curie

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Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks
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Oliver Sacks Profile

Neurologist and Author

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  Oliver Sacks

Dr. Oliver Sacks was a practicing clinical neurologist and author, renowned for his fascinating true-life reports from the mysterious frontiers of neurological experience. Born and raised in London, he spent most of his life in New York City as a consulting neurologist for hospitals and nursing homes. There he treated men and women suffering from every possible disorder of the brain and nervous system, from well-known disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's to baffling conditions in which selective brain and motor functions would be completely impaired while other faculties would be unaffected or developed to a high degree.

He drew on his vast collection of case histories in a series of bestselling books, including Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. Readers, critics and fellow writers were enthralled by the extraordinary symptoms he reported, and the depth of human insight and feeling he brought to his cases.

Cherished by both his readers and his patients, he won even greater admiration for the courage and equanimity with which he confronted his own approaching death from cancer. He spent his last years producing remarkably frank and lucid memoirs and reflections on an altogether extraordinary life.

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