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Peggy Noonan's recommended reading: The Moviegoer

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Peggy Noonan
Peggy Noonan
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Peggy Noonan Profile

Journalist and Presidential Speechwriter

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  Peggy Noonan

As speechwriter to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Peggy Noonan supplied some of the most memorable phrases of a dramatic political era. A working class girl from Brooklyn who worked her way through college waiting tables and clerking in an insurance office, she joined the Reagan White House after an early career in news radio.

Noonan crafted President Reagan's inspiring remarks on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, and his moving address after the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger, frequently cited as one of the best American political speeches of the 20th Century. At the 1988 Republican convention, George H.W. Bush accepted his party's nomination, and perhaps secured his election as President, with a breakthrough speech, drafted by Noonan, calling for a "kinder gentler nation," and saluting America's community volunteer organizations as "a thousand points of light."

Since leaving the White House, Peggy Noonan has become a best-selling author, an influential newspaper columnist, and a leading light of the Sunday morning talk shows. Her books, including What I Saw at the Revolution, When Character Was King and The Time of Our Lives, have topped the nonfiction bestseller lists, and no political season is compete without her wise and witty input. In her books, her weekly column in The Wall Street Journal, and her regular television appearances, Peggy Noonan sounds a clear consistent note, affirming her belief in the enduring virtues of faith and patriotism, and the paramount importance of character in political leadership.

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