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James Michener's recommended reading: Lost Illusions

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James Michener
James Michener
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James Michener Profile

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist

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  James Michener

"I am right now in the middle of a difficult writing project. And it's just as difficult now as when I started. But when I get up in the morning I am really qualified to say, 'Well, Jim, it isn't going too well, but there is nobody on the block who is better able to wrestle with it than you are, so lets get on with it.' "

Published in just about every country and language in the world, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist James A. Michener is a storytelling phenomenon, a world traveler at home on virtually every continent. Unlike other novelists who sit down to write, pulling plots and characters out of their heads, Michener is a meticulous researcher, a craftsman who will not begin to write until he has absorbed every nuance of the culture, the history, the geography, and the people of the country he has chosen for his next work. Over 48 books attest to his genius.

Told to forget writing because no writer ever gets a first book published if he's over the age of 40, Michener ignored the advice and published a book of interrelated stories taken from his experiences during World War II. Tales of the South Pacific went on to win two Pulitzer Prizes -- one for the novel and one for the long-running musical play Rodgers and Hammerstein adapted from it with Joshua Logan: South Pacific.

James Michener has entertained the planet for over 40 years, creating one hit after another. His books emphasize harmonious relationships among people and the continuing need to overcome ignorance and prejudice. A devoted public servant who once ran for Congress, Michener also played a large part in the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention. James A. Michener's words will entertain and inform readers as long as there are books to read and people to read them.

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