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Mike Krzyzewski
Mike Krzyzewski
Profile of Mike Krzyzewski Biography of Mike Krzyzewski Interview with Mike Krzyzewski Mike Krzyzewski Photo Gallery

Mike Krzyzewski Biography

Collegiate Basketball Champion

Mike Krzyzewski Date of birth: February 13, 1947

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  Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski (pronounced Sha-shef-ski) was born in Chicago and raised on the city's Northwest side, among other working class Polish-American families. His father was an elevator operator, his mother a cleaning woman. The family shared a two-story home with relatives. From an early age, Mike showed enthusiasm for all sports, but by high school he was focusing on basketball. As a high school athlete, he made such an impression he was recruited by coach Bob Knight for the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he became captain of the basketball team. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Army from 1969 to 1974.

Mike Krzyzewski Biography Photo
During his military service, he coached service teams and served for two years as head coach at the U.S. Military Academy Prep School at Belvoir, Virginia. After resigning from the service with the rank of Captain in 1974, Krzyzewski worked as a graduate assistant to his old Army coach, Bob Knight, at Indiana University. The following year, he returned to West Point as Head Coach. In 1980, he accepted an invitation to become Head Coach at Duke University, where he has remained. The first three seasons, were disappointing, but over the next few years "Coach K.," as he is often called, led the Duke program through a remarkable turnaround. In 1984, Krzyzewski led his Blue Devils into the NCAA tournament for the first time.

Krzyzewski's team reached the Final Four in 1986 and came within one game of winning the championship. In that year, they had played more games than any other team in the history of college basketball. With the departure of the five seniors on the squad, many observers expected a sharp decline in Duke's basketball fortunes but Krzyzewski's 1987 Devils won 24 games and made it to the Sweet 16, losing to Indiana, which went on to win the national championship. From 1988 to 1992, he led his team to the Final Four for five consecutive seasons. UCLA's legendary John Wooden is the only other coach in the history of the tournament to perform this feat.

Mike Krzyzewski Biography Photo
In 1990, Duke again came within only one game of winning the national championship. Krzyzewski at last led Duke to its first national championship in 1991. In the banner year of 1992, Duke maintained the national number one ranking throughout the season, and again won the national title, this time by 20 points. Mike Krzyzewski is the only coach since John Wooden to win two consecutive NCAA championships.

The Duke team made it to the championship game again In 1994, losing to Arkansas by only four points. After the tournament, Coach K underwent back surgery and was forced to take a ten-month break from coaching, but he returned to lead the Blue Devils into three more NCAA tournaments in 1996, '97 and '99. In 1992 The Sporting News named him Sportsman of the Year he was the first college coach to have been so honored. He has also been named Coach of the Year by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (1991) and by Basketball Times (1997).

Coach Krzyzewski and many of his players are also active in international basketball. He served as head coach of the bronze-winning American team at the FIBA World Championships and won a Silver medal at the Goodwill Games in Seattle. He assisted his old mentor Bob Knight at the 1984 Olympics and has served as chairman of the Player Selection Committee for all U.S. teams, including the 1991 Pan Am Team and the 1992 Olympic Team. As assistant coach to the legendary "Dream Team" he shared in the gold medal won by the U.S. at Barcelona. On October 26, 2005 Coach Krzyzewski was selected to be the head coach for the 2008 USA Olympic Senior National basketball team. With players like Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Jason Kidd, Team USA claimed their spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and brought home the gold medal, a feat Krzyzewski-led teams would repeat in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

Mike Krzyzewski Biography Photo
Mike Krzyzewski makes his home in Durham, North Carolina, where he and his wife Mickie have long been active in community campaigns against drug abuse and drunk driving. In past years, the Coach and Mrs. Krzyzewski served as co-chairs of the Duke Children's Miracle Network Telethon. Throughout his career, Coach K has seen himself as more than a coach to his players. During his tenure at Duke, of all the students who have played for him for four seasons, only two have failed to graduate on time. No other NCAA Division I college basketball team can make this claim.

To date, Krzyzewski has placed his team in more NCAA tournament Final Fours than any coaches other than UCLA's Wooden and Dean Smith of North Carolina. He has won more Final Four games than anyone but UCLA's Wooden, and has the highest winning percentage in the NCAA tournament of any currently active coach. Duke's victory over Arizona in the 2001 tournament gave Krzyzewski his third NCAA championship, tying him with his old coach and lifelong mentor, Bob Knight.

Mike Krzyzewski Biography Photo
A cliffhanging 61-59 victory over Butler in the 2010 tournament gave him a long-sought fourth championship, surpassing Knight's record and equaling that of Kentucky's Adolph Rupp. Coach K broke another record in 2011, when Duke beat Michigan State 74-69 in the State Farm Champions Classic, giving Krzyzewski his 903rd win. This victory broke another tie with Knight and made Mike Krzyzewski the winningest coach in the history of NCAA Division 1 Basketball. Duke's victory over St. John's at Madison Square Garden on January 25, 2015, was his 1,000th victory, a record never before attained by any coach in the division. Duke ended the 2015 tournament defeating Wisconsin 68-63, giving Coach K his fifth national title. The following year, Krzyzewski coached the U.S. men's basketball team to a gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A 99-96 victory over Serbia captured a third consecutive Olympic gold medal for the U.S. men's team and Mike Krzyzewski.

Over the years, Coach K has turned down spectacularly lucrative offers to coach professional teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers. His continuing commitment to the college game, and his loyalty to the Duke University community have made him an exemplary figure in the world of sports.

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