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Wendy Kopp
Wendy Kopp
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Wendy Kopp Profile

Founder, Teach for America

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  Wendy Kopp

In the 1980s, a cliché of popular journalism held that the graduates of America's top universities were a "Me Generation," interested in material success and personal gratification to the exclusion of all concerns for the larger society. Wendy Kopp believed that many of her peers were eager to serve society in a meaningful way if the opportunity presented itself. As an undergraduate at Princeton University, she created a plan to build a movement for educational equity by enlisting her generation's most promising future leaders to teach for two years in underserved urban and rural public schools. She drafted this plan for a national volunteer teacher corps as her senior thesis.

After graduation, Kopp set about making her plan a reality, founding Teach For America in 1989. With no teaching or business experience of her own, she created a multimillion-dollar organization. In the first 22 years, more than 33,000 graduates have served in the corps, reaching more than 3 million students in the country's neediest communities. From coast to coast, Teach For America alumni are assuming leadership roles in education and social reform. In 2007, Kopp founded Teach For All, a global network of independent social enterprises that applies the principles of Teach For America around the world.

In her books, One Day, All Children and A Chance to Make History, Wendy Kopp not only describes how she created and built Teach For America and Teach For All, but also shares her thoughts about what it will take to realize her vision that one day all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

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