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Frontiers of Medicine

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David Ho
David Ho
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David Ho Profile

AIDS Research Pioneer

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  David Ho

"My father left Taiwan to come to the United States to pursue graduate studies in engineering. So my brother and I were left in my mother's care, and in essence we grew up in Taiwan without my father being present."

When David Ho was 12 years old, his father sent for the family to join him in a land they did not know, and whose language they did not speak. David was laughed at by classmates who thought he was stupid because he could not speak English, but he focused on his studies and was soon earning A's in math, science, and even English. After graduating summa cum laude from Cal Tech, he earned a scholarship to Harvard Medical School.

As a young physician he saw some of the first known cases of AIDS. His pioneering work with "cocktails" of protease inhibitors and other antiviral drugs has brought about remarkable recoveries, and raised hope that the virus may someday be eliminated. Now Dr. David Ho is Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center. He was chosen by Time Magazine as its 1996 "Man of the Year" for his discoveries.

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