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Julie Andrews can also be seen and heard in our Podcast Center

Julie Andrews's recommended reading: The Little Grey Men

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Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
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Julie Andrews Profile

Legend of Stage and Screen

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  Julie Andrews

One of the most beloved performers in the world, Julie Andrews made her Broadway debut at age 18 in The Boy Friend. Historic successes followed in the original productions of My Fair Lady and Camelot. She won the Oscar for Best Actress in her first film, playing the title role in Mary Poppins. Perhaps the greatest triumph of her career came with the leading role in The Sound of Music, one of the most popular motion pictures of all time. Her crystalline singing voice, wholesome appeal, natural elegance and sly humor made her a top box office draw around the world.

In 1989, she became the first actress to receive the special Tribute Award of the British Academy for Film and Television. Over the course of her career she has also won five Golden Globe Awards, including two for World Film Favorite, and one for her performance in the film Victor/Victoria, a role she reprised for an acclaimed run on Broadway in 1995. She has enjoyed continued success in films such as The Princess Diaries.

Over 30 years ago, she embarked on a second career as an author of children's books, including The Last of the Really great Whangdoodles and the popular Dumpy the Dumptruck series. She was named a Dame Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000 in recognition of her extraordinary career, and her service to charities such as UNIFEM and Save the Children.

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