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  The Arts

The Power of Words : Stephen E. Ambrose, Rita Dove, George Lucas, Carol Shields, Alan K. Simpson, Amy Tan

Audio Cassette: $14.95

DVD: $33.95

  The Power of Words

Featuring: Stephen E. Ambrose, Rita Dove, George Lucas, Carol Shields, Alan K. Simpson, Amy Tan

Description: Why does a writer write? Is writing the product of inspiration or perspiration? What are the limits and possibilities of words? Our panel of guests discuss these essential questions about the nature of the creative process and the life of the writer as well as other questions posed by high school students. They share the personal heartaches, disappointments, and losses that are part of the writer's material as well as the rewards of creative productivity and success. Their discussion reveals the importance of personal values and ideals for becoming a creative person and achieving in writing.

English Language Arts - the nature of the writing process, the artistry of words; structure in literary works.

Psychology - the nature of the creative process; the traits of the creative personality; the functions of the imagination

History and Politics - historical events and political processes as subjects for writing.

Media and Technology - writing for the film industry; technology innovations and the future of the book.

Category: The Arts

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