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  Public Service

Justice and the Citizen:

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  Justice and the Citizen: "A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." Vol. I

Featuring: Dr. Maya Angelou and Professor Alan M. Dershowitz

Description: Even though black Americans had come out of slavery, which was abolished in 1863, they continued to suffer the effects of racial segregation well into the middle of the twentieth century. In every sense they were second-class citizens: they couldn't eat in the same restaurants as whites, couldn't use the same restrooms, couldn't drink water from the same fountains. They sought life's advantages from the back of the bus. Prejudice and bigotry existed throughout the country to varying degrees, especially in the South, and their effects went largely unchallenged until 1955, when the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr., emerged in the quiet town of Montgomery, Alabama.

History, Citizenship, Government

Category: Public Service

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